Sacred Music

Joseph, the Shining Glory of the Heavens


All Praise Most High

This setting of the Canticle of Creation by St. Francis of Assisi is unique in that the chorus is a…

Weep Not for Me, O Mother

This hymn commerates Mary as the Woman who keeps hope alive over the course of Holy Saturday, as Jesus lies…

Jesus You Are the Virgin's Crown

This hymn uses the music of St. Hildegard of Bingen, for a text adapted into English from St. Amborse by…

I Will Praise You, Holy Francis

This 20 verse ballad celebrates St. Francis wonderful and unique life, summarising the main events from before his conversion to…

Chanel Mass (in Te Reo Maori)

This is a setting of the Kyrie (E Te Ariki), the Sanctus (He Tapu), the Memorial Acclamation (Kapanui Matou) and…

Te Deum

This lilting tune in the dorian mode has a triumphal feel that gives the words of the Te Deum a…

O God of Truth

This hymn takes the words of St. Ambrose of Milan and adds the invocation in Hebrew: "Yeshua Maranatha" (Come Lord…
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