Weep Not for Me, O Mother

This hymn commerates Mary as the Woman who keeps hope alive over the course of Holy Saturday, as Jesus lies…

You Are Our Unique Refuge

In this song, we entrust ourselves to Mary in our unworthiness. The sinner finds in her a unique refuge and…

O Hail, Holy Virgin

This adaptation of the Lourdes Hymn has been made especially for the Church in Oceania, as it mentions the first…

Lo, A Great Sign Appeared In Heav'n

This is a setting of texts used in the liturgy each year for the feast of the Assumption of Mary.…

A Glory Yet Unseen

This proclamation of Mary's Coronation uses the music from "This Joyful Eastertide", which adds to the festive air of celebration.

Mary, What You Lived in Your Heart

This hymn lifts the mind and heart to union with the approaching offering of the Eucharist. Thus, it is aimed…

Let Us Sing To You, O Mary

This hymn uses the stirring theme from Holst's Jupiter to celebrate the participation of Mary in the mysteries of salvation,…

Cause of Our Delight

The hymn celebrates Mary as the cause of our joy, and seeks her intercession. The music is joyful and lilting,…

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