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Joseph, the Shining Glory of the Heavens

Jesus You Are the Virgin's Crown

This hymn uses the music of St. Hildegard of Bingen, for a text adapted into English from St. Amborse by…


All Praise Most High

This setting of the Canticle of Creation by St. Francis of Assisi is unique in that the chorus is a…

Weep Not for Me, O Mother

This hymn commerates Mary as the Woman who keeps hope alive over the course of Holy Saturday, as Jesus lies…

O Beauty Ever Ancient

This hymn uses a hauntingly beautiful Norwegian folk melody to set words adapted from the Confessions of St. Augustine, from…

Joseph, Embrace Me Now

This hymn juxtaposes Christ's might as Lord and Saviour with His becoming little and entrusting Himself to St. Joseph. Following…

Sleep Now, Gentle Jesus (Christmas Season)

This hymn contrasts the peace of the new born baby with his coming passion, which wins us peace. It brings…

All Highest Glorious God (Prayer of St. Francis)

This is a setting of the prayer made by St. Francis before the crucifix that spoke to him at the…

Mary, What You Lived in Your Heart

This hymn lifts the mind and heart to union with the approaching offering of the Eucharist. Thus, it is aimed…

Holy Spirit, Fill Our Hearts

This invocation of the Holy Spirit can be sung by full congregation /choir or as a call and response between…

O Hail, Holy Virgin

This adaptation of the Lourdes Hymn has been made especially for the Church in Oceania, as it mentions the first…

Lo, A Great Sign Appeared In Heav'n

This is a setting of texts used in the liturgy each year for the feast of the Assumption of Mary.…

To Love God Above All Things

The chorus of the this hymn can be used as a stand alone hymn. The words are adapted from Venerable…

I Have Surrendered

This hymn is a setting of a poem of St. Teresa of Avila, in which her soul sings of the…

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Meet Robert, a renowned sacred music composer from New Zealand, whose background and qualifications in Philosophy, Theology and Music allow him to create a harmonious blend of faith and melody, infusing theological insights with musical creativity to inspire and uplift the faithful around the world.
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