Reverent & Meaningful

Fr. Tony DunnParish priest of St. Michael's Remuera

The parish of St. Michael’s in Remuera has enjoyed Dr. Robert Loretz’ hymns and psalm settings on a regular basis for some years now. Such reverent and meaningful hymns in English are hard to come by and perfectly complement the spirit of the holy liturgy. Robert’s natural feel for musical nuance and his sense of prayer permeate these compositions.

Music is perhaps the most spiritual of the artforms, capable of directly speaking to the human heart and capturing its yearning. When sensitively combined with prayer, it becomes a worthy vehicle by which the faithful can lift their voices to God, along with their minds and hearts.

The beauty and appropriateness of Robert’s music is in perfect harmony with the magnificent building and church art already enjoyed by the parishioners of St. Michael’s. All three work together to dispose the faithful to contemplate the Source of beauty Himself. I have no hesitation in recommending this treasure trove of sacred music, which can only serve to enhance the worship of God in spirit and in truth.

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