Sr. Clare of AssisiSuperior of the Community of the Beatitudes

When I think of heaven, I think of music. Heaven will be filled with glorious celestial harmonies as the choirs of angels and the saints join together in the heavenly liturgy singing the eternal praises of God! Here on earth, the liturgy is a communal expression of the worship that is due to God. In music and chant we lift up our hearts and minds to God in praise, honour, supplication, thanksgiving. The liturgy can truly be a foretaste of heaven.

For many years, with his beautiful psalm settings for the Mass, his inspired songs and sacred music, all composed to be accessible to even the most modest of parishes, Robert Loretz has been transforming the face of liturgical music in this country, and overseas.

Words of great beauty and inspired lyrics, drawn from the great spiritual tradition of the Church: the Saints, doctors of the Church and the Church Fathers, are set to original compositions as well as to traditional melodies. Here, beauty and truth have the power to delight and elevate the mind and heart above the mundane into true worship.

I hope many others will discover Robert's work and be blessed by it. May he be blessed, also and be inspired to continue this beautiful mission of glorifying God through sacred music.

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