Bishop Michael GielenBishop of Christchurch

We are truly blessed to have homegrown sacred music in the Christchurch diocese of such quality, regularly produced for us and for the wider Church by Dr. Robert Loretz, who has made his home in North Canterbury. Robert’s hymns and psalm settings are used at Masses, weddings, funerals, professions and ordinations throughout the diocese and the whole country. His words are theologically sound and inspired by his love for God’s Word and for the saints. Robert's music carries a real anointing for lifting the mind and heart to God. His hymns exemplify the words of St.Augustine, that those who sing pray twice!

In addition to their depth and beauty, Robert’s hymns and psalm settings are simple enough for congregational singing, and thus foster the ‘full, conscious and active participation of the faithful’ that Vatican II envisaged. May his music continue to give glory to God, dispose those who use it to a real encounter with Jesus, and be a tool for evangelisation in the wider Church, by the grace of the Holy Spirit.

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